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SC-1000 Scale Control – 1 Gallon                                    

SC-1000 has become a favorite of pool builders, plasterers, and service professionals, and for good reason. SC-1000 is our award-winning, environmentally-friendly chelating agent that binds to metals and minerals. SC-1000 is great for pool startups (and is indeed essential to The Orenda Startup™ process). It is also used for ongoing maintenance to help prevent carbonate scale formation and metal oxidation/staining.

SC-1000 is one of the original Orenda Products and was originally used in industrial cooling towers and water treatment facilities.

SC-1000 contains no phosphates, unlike most metal control products available. This is meaningful because those same products (many of which are phosphate-based) would directly conflict with phosphate removal efforts…but SC-1000 does not.

When used as directed, SC-1000 controls metal staining and scale while being fully compatible with the materials of pool & spa construction and other treatment chemicals. It can also do wonders for removing existing scale in pool heaters, salt chlorine generators, and other equipment.

SC-1000′s formulation was awarded the Environmental Protection Agency’s Presidential Green Chemistry Award for its implementation of environment-friendly chemical technology.


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